Hello, folks.

We aggregated the data of all the airdrops and filtered out the users who qualified for the airdrops and finally got the rewards for those who:

1. did all the tasks

2. were not a bot and passed all the verification

3. entered the Texas game and filled…

By Steve, COO | NnsDAO Labs

DAOs are the kind of way for facilitating human cooperation via collective ownership. The better way for the DAO is to facilitate coordination through organization, and keeping that group of humans moving toward a goal. However DAO software works in service of this goal…

The content covered in this article is based on the DFINITY Canister SDK, which differs from the NNS system in that they have a different account system.

The Internet Computer blockchain enables multiple computers to operate as one very powerful virtual machine. The computers that make up a virtual machine…

Participate in competitions and win rewards.


no news is good news, and that’s always been our philosophy. No news means we’re hard at work writing code to make sure more of our products are flawless and ready for pre-sales.

We pride ourselves on developing truly revolutionary blockchain products, but…


Nnsdao: the boundaryless autonomous organization.

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