DAO Exploration, collaboration, and inspirations, how is so far NnsDAO achieved?

9 min readAug 9, 2022

We delighted to announce that last year on August the NnsDAO project team was officially established. It was our pleasure that we took inspiration from Starfish’s social behavior and organizational structure, and used it as a blueprint to build the NnsDAO white paper.


Literally, NnsDAO is defined as an autonomous organization without boundaries which provides development components that allow dapps to build DAOs and govern projects using modular services as well as changing the existing voting model by building a reputation system.

NnsDAO’s Core Product Logic


The NnsDAO Team is designing and implementing NnsDAO Protocol which was based on four original modules such as DAOBasic Framework, NnsDAO SDK, NID SDK and plugins.

DAOBasic Framework is a framework service so that anyone can build some simple services based on it and of course you can also implement some customized features through inheritance. Nevertheless DAOBasic framework also provides the most basic DAO functionality like voting proposal, proposal status execution etc. In fact in the future we will add some necessary functions of DAO.

NNSDAO SDK is a DAO service based on the DAO Basic framework which provides a wider range of functions by implementing some of the methods of DAO basic and adding function constraints to make the voting system more complete and prevent attacks. Eventually NnsDAO SDK is implemented so you can treat this module as some services on the IC which is currently the basic DAO service built by NnsDAO itself and of course we provide more versions of the SDK for other projects or users to access to build their own DAO services.

From taking users as the dimension, users can build and create DAOn and DAOs through Nomos platform and add some management system where by each DAO has its own rules, vision and goals after being established then they can communicate, publish tasks and manage members through this DAO and also can use some plug-in attributes to add more extended functions such as sponsorship mode, bounty tasks, etc. In fact, not only NnsDAO SDK is for NnsDAO’s own ecological services but also to build the DAOn world to prepare the basic functions so that users in the blockchain ecosystem are completely based on the blockchain to launch a DAO which is the real DAO.

NID SDK is the user reputation system of NnsDAO ecology and having some behavioral patterns of users in IC ecology that can be constructed through algorithms and quantified by reputation values. In the future, we will gradually add more dimensions of data and quantify the footprints of users in the IC ecology and also allow more projects to access the NID SDK and if the reputation of users is constantly improved so we can build DeFi, lending and other products based on reputation.

Plugins is a scalable component which divided into official plugins and community plugins so users or projects can choose the plugins they want to install when building DAO for customization management at the same time we will give a set of plug-in standards so that community developers can build and develop according to their own needs. In fact, this is a programmable DAO and NFT and of course in the future it can be charged through the plug-in model for developers. However, in the future not only it can be charged through the plug-in model for developers to obtain revenue but also in the incentive for more developers to create more plug-ins so that you can understand this kind of an open application plug-in market.

Nomos platform is based on the above services to create a UI product model for ordinary users so that can directly the platform to operate, build DAO, exchange, manage tasks, update DAO contracts which is a low-code collaboration platform.

Ultimately, we hope to build some DAO basic services and extensions, so that the IC ecological DAO can have more flexibility, and through the community of developers to increase more possibilities, I believe that the wisdom of the group not only can create more suitable for DAO services but also to explore the DAO singularity.

Layout and development of eco-applications

Through the layout of the product, we are exploring more DAO possibilities so currently we are involved in a number of areas and finally our ultimate goal is to build an ecosystem that can make the reputation system to get more perfect like an artificial intelligence algorithm. In fact the more perfect data can get better models so we are currently exploring tools, social, games, infrastructure, NFT, investment through different areas we hope to try out a new type of DAO collaboration model and attract community users to join our construction through a combined and programmable model so that DAOs can be better developed.

Group intelligence is a better solution to build Web3 and DAOs however everyone has their own different point of view so NnsDAO connects more people through IC and eventually through reputation-based DAOs for governance and development protocols then we give IC more sustainability and scalability.


In the first year of NnsDAO’s existence, icpscan is our first attempt product as a blockchain browser that could observe the active state of the community by address and also provide some basic tools for development. However at the beginning we wanted to calculate some address activity and transaction of the giant whale through data offline eventually we made it a simple product that could view some transactions and data in the future also give access tokens in the IC ecosystem such as NDP transaction records, NDP daily activity data, etc.

We hope that through an observable data in real time to reflect the IC ecological trends and development progress so both users and investors are very concerned about the current progress of IC then for some data indicators is necessary for more people to serve.

Texas Hold’em and DLottery game ecosystem

After icpscan, we validated Texas POC through Texas poker we gained development experience and experience in front and back end interface debugging and in terms of results we got positive feedback. Literally, IC is suitable for some card games that do not require high latency then at the invitation of Dfinity we tried Dlottery through IC’s random numbers to create a completely based on and it is a new attempt because ETH has some true and false random number problems so it cannot be risk-averse for some forged verification however it cannot be made like Texas Hold’em, lottery and other gaming games. Of course we are also exploring more possibilities and currently building a mini-game based on NFTs. In fact, we will make a starfish-based PVP game so that NFTs can have more properties.

ICMarket and Starfish NFT

In the NFT field, we have explored the NFT market and created our own NFT brand Starfish which currently has a wide user base and enthusiasts with a total transaction amount of over 5000 icp and 3628 Starfish holders. At the same time, we are expanding the brand influence of NnsDAO through a community culture, we hope to build a DAO-based NFT market, we have launched the ICmarket based on the subDAO concept, so far more than 20 projects have been launched, and the blind box function has been launched, and we will launch a series of features that can lower the purchase threshold of NFT in the future In the future, we will launch a series of features that can lower the purchase threshold of NFT.

nnsdao grant

It is our pleasure and gratitude to see NnsDAO, ICPSCAN, Texas Hold’em, Dlottery, and ICmarket have all received official funding from DFinity which is a huge boost to us.

ICPodcast SaaS

ICPodcast is a podcast platform built entirely on IC that is led by our newest partner kkdemian. It is a comprehensive platform for hosting and distribution where by podcast creators can completely own their own data and an attempt by Web3 to explore the field of audio NFT. Imagine that each podcast creator could own their own data and build an NFT with each of their episodes and users could listen to them through a collection model, a subscription exploration and a new model to increase revenue for creators. Of course about the decentralization Podcasts Protocol & Ep NFT are for Creators.

Nevertheless, through a join or leave model, we are experimenting with new possibilities for users or community members to join the NnsDAO ecosystem and lead the development of the product from a catalytic figure, and each independent product has its own autonomy, and the DAO is just a tool, at this time the NnsDAO carries the attribute of connection so we hope that in the future to have more products and independent developers can join the NnsDAO ecology and finally we will have flat organization so each member of the organization is equal.

In terms of community, we hope to help some new DAOs to get some help in the future through NDP and sponsorship model. At the beginning of each DAO, they have their own vision, plan, values, and if they want to set up a project they need their own roadmap and task management, progress management, etc. So based on this model we add a sponsorship plugin for the community then they can choose to open this function at the right time that allowing more users and people interested in their project to contribute, and also for the project this is a kind of recognition not only for contribution but also an incentive which I believe this will be a good side of the community sponsorship initiative.

For the above product exploration, NnsDAO in the future will provide a series of DAO and reputation of the basic services so that more users not only can quickly integrate into the IC ecology but also to reduce some operational threshold and the difficulty of using the product. The user or project does not need to create a DAO but only need to use notion to manage the project as well as discord for community management with collaboration and permission management, Snapshot for proposal management, Gnosis Multisig for vault management and other tools to build a DAO so NnsDAO wants all these to be integrated in nomos platform without the need of using third-party tools. In fact we can directly launch a DAO and then a DAO built entirely on the blockchain and its ownership belongs to the people in the community.

However, we set up many stages for the users who create DAOs and then if a DAO is developed well enough so it will be supported through the moon landing program and the subDAO can issue its own token to manage and maintain the current community which means a separable subDAO is being practiced. Of course the subDAO can also become DAOs because NnsDAO itself is also a subDAO. Actually in the world of DAOs, we are all governed by flat rules as well as we are all bound by rules so that the DAO will be more sustainable and more dynamic and fair. Whether it is the Magna Carta or the U.S. Constitution so they are constraints, rules, and in the world of DAO such rules have not yet been established so we are trying and exploring.

Some results about NDP

NDP is acting as a pass of NnsDAO ecology that realizes the internal operation and extensible expansion function under NnsDAO ecology through circulation incentive, holding vote and investment dividend. At this stage, NDP has a wide range of application scenarios, mainly divided into the use scenarios of NnsDAO ecological project participants and project creators created under the NnsDAO ecology. As long as a project participant holds an NDP, he or she can freely travel between various projects in the NnsDAO ecology. The NDP is the hard currency of the entire ecology, and can be freely exchanged for any project tokens of the NnsDAO ecology to purchase any goods and NFT props of each project. In addition, the NDP also has the function of voting and dividends. From large issues of the NnsDAO ecosystem (destruction, increase in issuance, etc.) to the creation of a DAAO, user voting is required. Participants who vote using the NDP will receive an additional bonus after each vote.

One of the biggest plans in the NnsDAO ecosystem is the NnsDAO FUND which is similar to the concept of a mother fund in traditional finance, and a large percentage of NnsDAO’s token allocation is used to support projects in the NnsDAO ecosystem to achieve the “Moon Landing Plan”. In this way, they will receive dividends from their investments.

NDP is now live with ICPswap trading and open for liquidity mining, and the DIP20 protocol contract conversion seems to be a wise choice for now. Next we will add new DEX partners and in due course NDP will go live on a centralized exchange to make it easier for users to trade NDP.

We have received a lot of support from our partners during the year, and we will increase our marketing and business cooperation efforts in the coming year. Finally, to celebrate the first anniversary of NnsDAO, we will launch a series of events and provide various rewards for our supporters, welcome to participate

Thank you all for your support!