AMA, about NnsDAO protocol of dfinity ecology

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Hello everyone! welcome to GateNFT AMA with Nns DAOs

GateNFT has prepared some questions to help NnsDAO users understand more about the project.

First, NnsDAO founder, CEO Steve, introduces himself: I am from Tanzania. I have over 5 years of experience in ICT and telecommunications and 3 years of experience in marketing and said:This will allow more people to learn about NnsDAO and get started.

Part I. Here is a summary of the Q&As

Participants: Billy(BD)


Q: What is NnsDAO Protocol?

Can you give our users more details about the project?

A: NnsDAO is simply a borderless autonomous organization that provides some basic modular programmable services for building the world of DAOn.

Q: What is NnsDAO’s position in the IC ecology and what is it doing

We are curious about this.

A: NnsDAO protocol is an open-source, decentralized, borderless autonomous organization built on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) ecology. NnsDAO starts from the principle of human-centeredness, realizes a virtual reputation system based on IC, allows every user involved in the DAO ecology to participate in projects within the IC ecology without a threshold, and realizes a new form of organization for DAO users within the ecology to achieve a new way of collaboration and to give decision-making power to collaborators and stakeholders.

Q: What are the ecologies laid out by NnsDAO, this looks maybe more complicated.

A: We are building a DAO infrastructure service that allows different dApps and communities to access and use the voting system and task collaboration, through NnsDAO’s own DAOn, DAOs work together with different groups to create projects and participate in projects within the IC ecosystem, our goal is to allow everyone in the community to realize their own value.

To summarize, our position is to be the glue and connector of the Dfinity ecosystem, allowing different people to find different niches and realize their values and vote and govern creative projects.

We completed the Nomos infrastructure and DAO base model in the second quarter, and then we implemented the business functions of the NnsDAO Protocol through the basic DAO, such as creating, joining, leaving, voting, initiating proposals, and creating the base rules, roadmap, and vision of each DAO when instantiated, and also promoting the basic version of the reputation system and DID model, and improve the new features ICmarket and optimize the transaction logic, and access to more NFT protocols of the IC ecosystem.

At present, we mainly layout DAO, NFT, marketplace, GameFi, Swap, Web3 application, etc. In the past year, we have completed 4 complete products of Texas, Icpscan, Dlotto, ICmarket, and received Grants from Dfinity, they belong to different fields, and also accumulated a lot of experience for the NnsDAO team, so our development progress will be faster in the future, and we are also exploring more different tracks and profit channels.

Q: How NnsDAO can get through the bear market, this market let people down now.

A: First of all, we believe that this bear market will not last long, but also may have an optimistic mentality, in the field of IC, there is no very famous dApp or project born yet, NnsDAO is the pioneer of IC ecology, I believe that our achievements in the past year will also be some capital attention, of course, because NnsDAO at the beginning of the establishment of no capital financing, our development and We hope to have a flat organization for more people to participate in while maintaining expenses through the project own profits so that whether it is a bear market or a bull market, we still keep BUIDL more applications, when the IC ecological explosion, I believe our efforts will be rewarded, while there will be capital for We are interested in.

Q: NnsDAO view and understanding of gate

A: Gate, as a good cryptocurrency exchange, is experimenting a lot outside its own domain and is very open to external cooperation. Our project has some ideas that coincide with gate. That is why we first established a partnership with gate.

Q: What will be the cooperation between NnsDAO and gate now and in the future?

A: I believe this is one of the most important things users want to know.

Currently, we will be releasing a starfish co-branded commemorative model on the gate. After that, we are looking forward to working with Gatelabs for layout and development in the Dfinity ecosystem with gate.

Eventually, our tokens will also be considered for listing on Billy(BD) Consider: It is comprehensive cooperation.

Q: When will Starfish staking and game be released?

Personally, this question has great attraction for me.

A: At present, the Staking is in BUIDLING, still debugging the model and algorithm, we expect to launch in the third quarter, for the game is still in the design, first we will come out with a small game, which is one of the application scenarios of Starfish, we all know that the development of a game is very difficult, but also requires a lot of human and financial resources, we are speeding up this progress, the game is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter.

Q: How NnsDAO subDAO will be used more?

A: subDAO is a kind of DAO for dApp governance and application, if a project needs to initiate a DAO after creation, then the NnsDAO protocol can provide the corresponding canister for instantiation, the created owner belongs to the current creator when the IC ecology has more and more applications need to be governed, subDAO can be used in more applications. When more and more applications need to be governed, subDAO can be used in more applications, we will create in NnsDAO own ecology, such as ICmarket, Texas, and Dlotto, through subDAO we can get better

Q: As time flies, we have one last question.

What are the status and next plan of NnsDAO? Where we can see it?

A: We are currently participating in Dfinity Supernova Hackathon and hope we will achieve good results, and NnsDAO is also applying for Dfinity’s official Grant and Beacon fund, we are waiting for further notice.

For the products, we are planning the World Cup, Swap, Podcast, etc. We hope that the rapid expansion of the team in the second half of the year can create a more ecological product matrix, and of course, we also hope to attract more developers and contributors to join the NnsDAO ecosystem through the opening of NnsDAO own DAOs and explore DID and reputation-based Defi and lending.

For the future, we hope that DAO projects can be managed, expanded, and upgraded autonomously, such as DAOn, infinite splitting of DAOs, and management of DAOs.

We hope that NnsDAO can create a real user and community DAO, which can automatically scale up and down and operate in a flat form, where each DAO member can realize its own value, allowing more BUIDLs to create their own brands and improve their products and services through collaboration, while for users and BUIDLs they can join one or It is foreseeable that a variety of DAOs and subDAO will further explore open, interoperable and combinable new features, and gradually solve the problem of “DAO silos”, slowly adapt to the various needs of existing or future projects, and become a true “organizational Lego” and “organizational Lego”. “Organizational Lego” and Web3.0 infrastructure. We believe that the future of web3 must be a combination of DAO, NFT, reputation for collaboration, and everyone is working for themselves, they are investors and a BUIDL.

Finally, we wish all in web3 and DAO contributors can develop freely, everything is DAO, you can be a boss, you just work for yourself.

Part II. Here are 3 questions from users to check.

Q: What has been the most fun part of developing the project thus far?

A: First Questions,

For the development of this project, as I first thought, we are refining a product through a simple collaborative model that can be very frustrating for a user who has an idea but can’t implement it himself, and I originally created NnsDAO to solve such a problem, I want many people with ideas and the same values to have a DAO, through such a simple I wanted to let a lot of people with the same ideas and values to have a DAO, and through this simple collaboration and motivation to achieve a product, to be recognized for their contributions, and to work for themselves.

I think that’s the fun I get out of it, it’s like I’m raising my kid and it’s growing.

Q: Why does NnsDAO choose to build on ICP? What advantage do you get by building NnsDAO on ICP compared to other chains?

A: For IC, we choose it because I see the real web3 future, for the current blockchain or public chain, we can’t get rid of the influence of traditional servers, you can’t imagine when AWS is down, all ETH, sol, cosmos can’t be traded, of course, this is only part of the function for IC, if we say what advantages IC has, we can have the following points If there is any advantage to IC, it is that it has secure cryptography, a strong technical team, and is also building a canister through WASM technology, which I think is a more secure and efficient way than EVM.

There are also many DAOs are currently building each DAO service through traditional services such as Discord and Notion, but we are still missing a DAO built entirely on the blockchain, a more complete DAO, a Lego-style, combinable DAO, I believe the future will form this small-scale DAO model for collaboration, and they are all combinable.

Q: What is NnsDAO Virtual Passport?

A: I think a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are going to be looking at Vitalik’s articles or papers, and recently we’ve seen a soul-bound Token being introduced, and we’ve also seen a lot of concepts being proposed about DIDs, reputation, etc.

In the WEB3 era, independent dApps or protocols will record each user’s on-chain behavior, and use this to measure the reputation of user behavior. Based on this on-chain behavior, NnsDAO proposes a governance hypothesis based on the user system. At the beginning of the agreement, each user who enters will receive a certain token reward. With the growth of time, under the effect of DAOs, each user will form its own unique virtual reputation.

NnsDAO virtual reputation we hope is a quantification of what contributors can do for themselves and what others can do for us, it’s a virtual reputation, a credential that can travel through the crypto world.

The question and answer session for all the above AMAs has ended.

Says Steve, founder of NnsDAO: Thank you for your support, if you want to know more, please join the official NnsDAO community and make a BUIDL with us, let’s contribute to DAOs.

We hope that this AMA will give you a better and quicker understanding of the NnsDAO project.

We also hope that the cooperation between NnsDAO and will get closer and better!