Handbook and Public Notice on NDP Token Standard Protocol Conversion

3 min readJul 15, 2022


Dear users,

NnsDAO has completed the NDP protocol switch and opened the NDP transfer function, please experience it!


- After the protocol switch is completed, NDP will use the new protocol for interaction.

- The canister id will remain the same before and after the switch, and the contract ‘vgqnj-miaaa-aaaal-qaapa-cai’ will still be used.

- The original EXT NDP will not be viewable in stoic wallets, you need to login to the nomos platform for conversion.

- Nomos platform link, [https://h637e-ziaaa-aaaaj-aaeaa-cai.raw.ic0.app/]

- NDP balance snapshot please check, https://github.com/NnsDao/ndp-DIP20/blob/main/snapshoot/shoot.md

EXT conversion to DIP-20 based protocol

**Conversion information**

■Conversion date: July 15, 2022 at 10:00 am (GST)

■Conversion period available for application: 1 year from the conversion start date

■Conversion rate: 1 (EXT):1 (DIP-20)

■Total trading volume issued after conversion: 100,000,000 NDP

■Converted agreement: DIP-20

**Does it work without conversion? **

Not doing **conversion** will result in the NDP Token held being zeroed out after the protocol update goes live, which means it is destroyed without compensation, giving other NDP holders a small contribution.

** So what is the principle of NDP conversion? **

Suppose Steve holds an NDP Token for a specific EXT address. By conversion, on July 15, 2023, the NDP Token for the EXT address held by Steve is voided and in its place, he will receive an equivalent amount of NDP at the NDP address he has.

How do I use Plug to view my NDP holdings?

Step 1: You need to login to the nomos platform, if you are using plug wallet, you can add the protocol directly after login, NDP canister id: vgqnj-miaaa-aaaal-qaapa-cai , and select DIP protocol.

If you are using Stoic wallet to manage NDP, you need to authorize and use nomos to check NDP balance, at this time you have two options, continue to use nomos platform to manage NDP, or use nomos platform transfer function to transfer NDP knife plug wallet, note: at this time you need to use plug’s Principal ID to receive NDP.

Click the Transfer button on the nomos platform,

Enter your plug wallet Principal ID and quantity, then click confirm to confirm the transfer.

After the transfer is complete, add a custom token using Plug wallet, enter the NDP canister id: vgqnj-miaaa-aaaal-qaapa-cai , and select the DIP protocol.

After adding the token, the balance of all NDPs will be displayed.


We are in the process of submitting the dab token for inclusion, so you can search for the NDP and add it after the inclusion is complete.

If you are using multiple docking stations and the Plug does not pop up, please use a single device to log in.