How to try out Texas Hold’em on IC and get NFTs?

What is the IC version of Texas?

There is a famous saying in Texas Hold’em: “Victory comes not from your opponent making more mistakes, but from you making fewer”. Texas Hold’em is a very skillful game that combines luck, patience, perseverance, and wisdom together. It tests each person’s character, ability and determines the ultimate winner through chips. Developed by DAOs, Texas is completely built on IC and controls all settlements through Motoko Actor smart contracts, all codes, contracts, and algorithms are publicly visible, and it features decentralization to open up a new game of life.

ICtexas features.

1. Free chips, login to get experience token

2. Super jackpot, all the winners

3. Occasional tournaments, smart contracts reward the ultimate winner

4. Free circulation of chips, anyone can participate

5. No ads, the best quality experience

6. Fair, just, and open

7. Rare props and limited edition NFTs

Features supported by Texas

* 2–10 players online Texas Hold’em matchmaking

* Support II wallet and Stoicwallet login

* New custom nickname, each person has an exclusive name

* Optimize card caching experience, more smooth when dealing cards

* Increase the number of mints, up to 10 times in 24 hours, 3s interval, you can rest assured that all in

* Simple version of the chat function

* New NFTs avatar replacement function

How to try Texas?

1. pure IC on the game, no order any cloud server (f**k AWS), can enjoy, never down

2. Punch the card

3. Click Login and jump to to authorize login

4. After login, Balance balance is 0, click avatar, click MINT casting 3000 GFT, when the balance is greater than 0, you can start the game, enter the “low 1000”, click Ready (if the countdown is not clicked will be kicked out of the room), wait for others to join, each The maximum number of people at each table is 10, and the maximum number of tables you can open is 200.

5. After the game starts, you will always appear on the top right, leave the room and click Get Out

6. If you encounter problems with logging in or loading, please refresh and try again.

How do I win my own exclusive NFTs in Texas games?

After players accumulate a certain number of games, unique NFTs are generated by smart contracts. These NFTs can be used as props and can be circulated, and it is a negotiable asset in the world of the game. Whether it is an avatar, whiskey, mask, sound effects, etc., it is a unique NFTs generatable model that will be triggered under the constraints of the algorithm.

The ability to change avatars was added this week, allowing you to set your own NFT avatar using elements such as Starverse, ICPunk, and Cronic Critters. The future speaks of generating exclusive NFTs belonging to Texas, and every user who participates in the game will have a chance to get airdrops.

Texas open-source preview

In the coming week we will open-source the Texas code to let more people see our sincerity and at the same time let the fairness of the game be monitored. We have released a bounty and welcome the user community of IC ecology to participate in cracking and optimizing, we will give great rewards and honors. Let’s embrace open source and build on top of IC to create a singularity that belongs to the original universe.


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