NnsDAO is building a writing DAOs(wDAO), Write to Earn, contributions get rewarded

3 min readJul 12, 2022
nnsdao wdaos

After several rounds of adjustment, the cryptocurrency market has undoubtedly entered a recognized bear market, with most of the mainstream tokens having fallen by more than 70% from their peak. We also started to think about whether the next bull market would be the same as the current hot spots and projects.

In a bull market, we are exposed to a lot of noisy information distractions every day, while in a bear market we have time to feel the market. We like people who can think independently, and encourage more people to share the products of their thinking in articles, knowing that knowledge is the only positive gain you can make in a bear market.

Therefore, NNSDAO Writing Guild was officially established during the cryptocurrency bear market. We hope to find a group of friends who like to think independently like us and continue to export their ideas during the bear market, and we also reward you with tokens for your ideas and efforts.

Speaking of tokens, those of you who have been in the cryptocurrency world for many years definitely know that reward tokens are actually worthless, but only the smart ones know that they are only worthless during a bear market. Making coins in a bear market and making money in a bull market is something I heard countless seniors say to me when I first started in the business. Now the seniors have long been wealthy and free and swimming in the mountains, while I only now understand the meaning of the phrase.

If you have a lot of unique insights and perspectives on this market if you have a lot of strange ideas that you are willing to share with others and grow together, welcome to join us: a writing guild that has to say a few words because it hates bear markets.

Requirements for joining: No threshold, only writing to earn will be rewarded.

Write scope: Cryptocurrency field.

Distribution channels: on your own mirror and medium, but you need the name NNSDAO Writing Guild — xxx, for example, NnsDAO wDAO — Steve

Reward rules: The NNSDAO Writing Guild is funded by the NNSDAO treasury and governed and resolved by DAO members. Considering the initial writing level is difficult to control the moderator audit, the first time the audit is passed, then becomes a formal writing guild member, formal writing guild members can get rewards for posting.

Theme setting: The guild will prepare research directions and writing topics every period, and let community members voluntarily receive writing tasks, and receive NDP tokens for completing them.

How to join: During the testing phase, users need to join the NNSDAO discord, the writing guild channel. In the official phase, the NNSDAO nomos platform will be used to manage the community, and we expect to go live in the third quarter.

Finally, in the future, we will set up development DAOs, design DAOs, product DAOs, operation DAOs, investment DAOs, etc. We hope that the future is a DaoToDao model of collaboration while breaking the silo model of DAOs through Tokens so that more subDAO can collaborate and build products, and in the future, we hope to In the future, we hope to attract more community contributors to join NnsDAO Protocol for BUIDLing, and let us build Web3 together through the collision of ideas.

NnsDAO Protocol Discord: https://discord.gg/UTZvcDkeDr