REI Network Integrates NnsDAO to Power its Ecosystem

2 min readMar 30, 2022


We are excited to announce NnsDAO’s integration to REI Network ecosystem. NnsDAO is one of the significant DAO projects in the Dfinity ecosystem. Through the collaboration of DAOs, NnsDAO has developed IC ecosystem tools, NFTs, games and other products. At present, NnsDAO has formed a partnership with REI Network, and the two parties will further their ecosystem cooperation when REI Network expands itself in the fields of EVM, cross-chain, and GameFi&NFT.

About NnsDAO

NnsDAO is a boundaryless autonomous organization, which provides some basic modular programmable services for building the world of DAOn. NnsDAO originates from the combination of IC’s Network Nervous System idea and DAO organization. In analogy to the complexity of human neural networks and combined with the prospect of individuals in the pursuit of independence, freedom, and autonomy, NnsDAO was established with the main vision of achieving a decentralized, user-led, free and autonomous protocol. The goal of NnsDAO is to realize the interconnection of everything, container interconnection, and application interconnection on the basis of ICP, in the era of WEB3.0, everyone can have their own data sovereignty, everyone can realize autonomy for their favorite DAOs, everything is like neurons with rules and orderly governance.

About REI Network

REI Network is now an efficient and secure public chain compatible with EVM. REI Network is based on the lightweight code construction of open-source projects such as LibP2P, EVM, Express, and GRPC, which provide developers with a more relaxed development environment. The innovative free economic model can effectively reduce the on-chain transaction cost of users. REI Network improves on-chain interoperability through high-quality bridges. Apart from inheriting existing users, REI Network aspires to become a bridge for billions of Web2 users to safely, efficiently, and freely switch to Web3 networks.

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