The Boundaryless Autonomous Organization in the Era of Web3

7 min readOct 29, 2022


NnsDao is a DAO protocol based on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP for short), which provides help and support for everyone who wants to create a DAO organization or join a DAO organization through a modular underlying architecture and logic.

We are delighted to invite the founders of Steve/NnsDao Founder join 32nd AMA of D Plus to discuss how they are implementing a borderless DAO organization in Web3.


Q1. What is NnsDao? And what kind of product is NnsDAO try to offer?

The NnsDAO protocol is an open source, decentralized and borderless autonomous organization that built on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) ecology. NnsDAO implements a virtual reputation system based on IC from a human-centered principle that is allowing every user involved in the DAO ecology to participate in projects within the IC ecology without threshold, and realizing a new form of organization for DAO users within the ecology. Actually this is an organization that realizing a new form of collaboration and giving decision making power to collaborators and stakeholders.

Q2.What inspired you to build NnsDao?

NnsDAO is concerned about an autonomous organization without borders, why? First of all there is no geographical limitation for DAO, so we call it borderless, and at the same time the world is entering a remote process with the trend of DAO and covid-19, and this is the best time for a new organizational structure to be born.

Many people have a different understanding of what a DAO is, actually most people think of a DAO as a kind of company while some people think of a DAO as a community but I think of a DAO as a group of independent developers who work for themselves or produce content independently to create value. Of course, these people have their own passions, hobbies, things they want to do as well as lives they are pursuing, and I think that is what a DAO should be. I think that’s the kind of spirit a DAO should have like fearlessness, and a creative spirit. We know that there is a category of people in cyberpunk who have a rebellious spirit and a pioneering aesthetic, as well as a strong sense of incongruity in all kinds of mechanical, retro and patchwork, perhaps it is a different kind of collaboration, and they have no hierarchy, no centre, only division of labour and hobbies.

In classical economics, everything is based on equilibrium, where the balance of supply and demand in the exchange of goods allows for a rapid increase in GDP, while making people richer. In recent years, however, we have seen less and less innovation and very few paradigm shifts in the whole crypto-ecology, perhaps due to a lack of innovation. Breaking away from the traditional dogmatic leftist culture and enabling disruptive innovation, it will be born out of community and crypto culture. It will be the birth of a starting point, and of course an unpredictable new form of organization, perhaps a DAO, perhaps a community, or perhaps an existing structure.

Finally, if you want to create a DAO, first think about the intrinsic value of the DAO and what value it provides, and what its future combinability is, and then does it. In the future we will increasingly need high quality DAOs to collaborate with each other, maybe one person is a DAO, maybe 2–5 people are a DAO, but they can all interact with each other.

Q3. Why did you choose to build on IC and what kind of empowerment can IC bring to NnsDao?

For IC, we chose it because I see a real web3 future, for the current blockchain or public chain, we can’t get rid of the traditional servers, you can’t imagine when AWS is down, all the ETH, SOL, COSMOS can’t be traded, of course, this is only part of what IC can do. If there are any advantages of IC, we can have the following that is it has secure cryptography, ECDSA, chain key technology, etc. They have a strong technical team and also build independent contracts through WASM technology, I think this is a more secure and effective way than EVM, each asset can be separated, and it safeguards the user’s assets.

At present, there are many DAOs that build their services through traditional services such as Discord and Notion, and there are also on-chain services such as dework and commonwealth, but we still lack a DAO that is 100% built on the blockchain, a more complete and complete DAO, a Lego-style, combinable DAO, and I believe that this kind of small-scale DAO cooperation model will be formed in the future, and they are all combinable and interactive.

Q4.What functions are currently implemented in NnsDao?

NnsDAO has already laid out the relevant ecology, and through the product to build a DAO-based management model, while adding subDAO functionality to allow more ecological access, we expect to bring the ecological projects to subDAO this year and through the Nomos platform to manage and govern the project.

We are currently working on an updated version of Nomos, which is still in beta testing and is expected to go live in Beta next month, with the basic protocol DAO functionality already in place, as you can see by checking GitHub, with the DAO Basic SDK and NnsDAO Protocol, NID SDK and other services already available.

Q5.How the components in the NnsDao protocol work?

At this point you can look at an architecture diagram:

Nomos Core, Underlying protocol principles after mainline.

DAOn, the constraint rules are generally referred to as the ground rules of the current domain.

NNSDAO SDK, is realized based on DAOBasic SDK

NID, NID is built on the basis of the ICP ecosystem, through which the user reputation value is acquired and of course the future will continue to improve the corresponding algorithm.

We are building a combined DAO and DID service, accessing more projects and allowing more projects to access it, as well as looking for external component functionality to make the DAO even better, to be called through different Canister services, to implement a Lego style building block game, to make the DAO less boring, it will be combinable to build, users can choose their favorite components to create the DAO, and manage the members by adding them.

Q6.For those who want to grow their DAO organization, how can they benefit from NnsDao?

We want each DAO to be independent and portable, DAOs for NnsDAO is just a function of the ecology, but for users is a friendly tool to manage the community, funds, members, organizations through a tool, you can manage the project, members, NFT, Token and other assets through Nomos, users who participate in DAOs are entitled to the current creation of DAOs for we are building a user-centric, community-based DAO that judges each individual’s contribution to the community by allowing users to contribute to DAOs to earn reputation values and badges, and we are enforcing the principle of proximity governance.

Q7.What is the current stage of NnsDao development?

NnsDAO is currently in the second phase of planning, the main function is to implement basic trusted protocols and components, plug-in functions, such as increasing the availability, scalability, combinability and portability of DAO, we hope that the data is completely in the hands of the user, and at the same time, the DAO created by the user has full autonomy, it can be transferred, migrated, destroyed, deleted and other operations.

Q8.What is your roadmap for future?

We hope that by building a basic DAO protocol and reputation system, a protocol that can be used by the whole Web3 blockchain, with the cross-chain capability of IC, Canister can hold any asset, while for the DAO created can exist, transfer and manage under any public chain, protocol.

At the same time, under the separate governance of DAO, we hope to incubate projects, accelerate the construction of projects, provide sponsor services, Token issuance services, NFT casting functions, etc. Under a complete DAO service, users can quickly build their own projects and focus on the development of the project, while for other blockchain services are provided by NnsDAO Protocol. At the same time, the DAO is created to attract more like-minded partners to join the DAO for buidl, and those who participate in the construction can have the governance and voting rights of the DAO, as well as a share of the revenue earned by nnsDAO in the entire ecosystem. You can be a boss, you just work for yourself.

Q9. Any words you wanna say to the Community?

Although it is a bear market for the IC ecosystem, we are still working hard on development to improve the quality of our products to lay the foundation for a bull market, as is Dplus. So we hope you can continue to support NnsDAO and the Dplus community.

In addition, we are looking forward to the community’s participation in our products, both in the Dlottery lottery game ( and in the ICmarket.(

We will be announcing some of the milestones in the near future and welcome you to join us.

Thank you all for your support!

CQ1.If NnsDAO could allow DAO be destroyed or deleted, would that trigger some token fraud?

When creating a DAO, the creator is required to pay a certain bond, possibly ICP or NDP, and if he or she has the intention of deleting or destroying the DAO, he or she is required to initiate a vote in the community, if the community agrees to remove it, and if the manager forcibly removes it, the initial bond will compensate the participating community users.

CQ2.Do you have any plans for IC<>BTC integration function?

We have such plan though we are focusing on prioritize our resources and technology to be more innovative and satisfy our users as well as community as whole

You guys can visit us here,

what we are working on and future plan you can follow and stay in touch there

CQ3.User experience is a very important issue. Especially for new users, what efforts has NnsDao made?

Sure! We are making sure that to get feedbacks and opinions to improve our products and services we offered. Our R&D Team is working on that relentlessly to make sure our products and services are improved to bring customer satisfaction.