What will Texas Holdem eventually become, based on the POC model?

4 min readSep 24, 2021


from fulcrum

As children we all have a dream of magic, dreaming of being a great wizard in the future, just like Harry Potter described, meeting wizard partners with different personalities, learning spells and magical knowledge, and experiencing a colorful wizard life in a wonderful magic campus. Different experiences and lives are realized with a different magic, yet the best practice for all this may be to create a virtual game, that is, a virtual life, or call it a meta-universe.

After the release of Ready Player One, it seems to feel a stronger response to the magic with the future world, in the future, we can also interact with the virtual world like in the movies, whether in the form of VR, AR, etc. to survive in a virtual world and realize their own virtual value. And the pursuit of the game is like raising a new realm, for the current meta-universe may be closer and closer to the realization, the team’s partners are also studying a new game, it is called: “universe”, perhaps this is a way of expression that wants to achieve freedom, the whole game will revolve around virtual, user freedom to create as the main body in so that The ability to create is led by the user.

For the game, we are a group of partners with a love for the same in the creation of Texas Hold’em, as the designer of the game, perhaps just a concept to achieve, that is, POC, also known as proof of principle, is a realization of a certain method or idea in order to demonstrate its feasibility or a demonstration in principle with the aim of verifying that some concept or theory has practical potential.

Based on this idea, first, he identified the demand market, and in the poker market, chose Texas, Texas Hold’em is a very skillful game that combines luck, patience, perseverance, and intelligence. It tests the character and ability of each person and the ultimate winner is determined by the chips. With more than 58,549,870 users following Texas players worldwide on Facebook, Texas Hold’em is a huge market for the market demand and the whole scene.

For traditional Texas Hold’em, all the servers and code are built on traditional cloud services and the coding algorithm is not open source, so it does not achieve a principle of fairness, justice, and openness, which is what leads to the fact that all the people involved in playing the game may end up being manipulated after the result, and it is not luck or skill that can win the final game. So when we saw the launch of ICP, we saw a new scenario, a game built entirely on the blockchain, a Texas that no one can control and no one can manipulate. So based on ICP, we came up with a solution to control all settlements through the Motoko Actor smart contract, where all code, contracts, and algorithms are publicly visible, using a new model and public shuffling algorithms to make the game fair, just, and open.

In the earliest version of the game launch, which we call alpha, all participating users were allowed to experience and play the game, and the integrity of the game and the viability of the entire game was tested with a large number of users and models such as table opening and table selection. Based on a model like POC, we are continuing to progress the entire game and gather feedback to refine the entire game experience.

After the Beta version of the whole game, eventually, the Texas game will be officially launched, issuing Tokens and launching NFTs, Marketplace, so that users can make transactions and the platform will be aggregated, and when the whole market gradually becomes bigger, Texas will access NnsDAO, and also the DAO model to maintain the development of the whole game, and the ownership will all be vested to the participating users, in promoting the sustainability and robustness of the game, etc.

For users who are currently participating, after the official version is released, users will get a certain percentage of their Tokens airdropped, while for users who already sponsor NnsDAO, we will also airdrop some Tokens to provide early liquidity for the Texas game.

NnsDAO Protocol: https://nnsdao.org/

Github Texas: https://github.com/NnsDao/ICTexas-UI