Why is the underlying protocol of NnsDAO called Nomos?

3 min readSep 14, 2021

Nomos, from Ancient Greek: νόμος, romanized: nómos, is the body of law governing human behavior.

Nomos or Nomoi may refer to:

Nomos (mythology), ‘the spirit of law’ in Greek mythology

Nomos (sociology), a habit or custom of social and political behavior

Nomos (music), a genre of Ancient Greek music

Nomos (band), traditional Irish music band of the 1990s

Nomos, a publication of the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy

Nomos in NnsDAO

If Nomos is called a law, a rule, then throughout the NnsDAO protocol, Nomos is used to bind each user within the protocol, while the rules of the protocol are governed by all, just as Nomos is defined as a spirit of the law in Greek mythology, a habit in sociology, a genre of music in ancient Greece, all of which bind different people in different ways, and in the future DAO world, it will be the core of the entire protocol to achieve a top-down system.

Nomos Core is designed to be a rule, a norm, that evolves and learns itself, and uses the credit system that each person forms in the virtual world to govern the entire protocol, and in the definition of DAOs, there are various DAOs, and the connection between each DAO and DAOs is often weakly correlated, so credit is used in NnsDAO to connect users and let credit determine the development of the protocol.

Building on credit, how to connect users and find a product that fits the market will be the most important thing a crypto startup should focus on early on, and an early-stage cryptocurrency team should put all their energy into building, learning, and iterating on the product until they find a product that fits the product market. If your product sucks, the community won’t save it, and it will become unengaged regardless of token ownership.

So in a world of rules like Nomos, creating a good product and letting the market dictate its development would be the best option, so the NnsDAO team chose to launch different product lines in the form of DAOs, such as Texas, Icpscan, Icpdrops, Icptree, etc.

The team initiates products in small groups and operates a product through community and volunteer connections, which is the core idea of DAO, whose vision is to maximize stakeholder value. For users and contributors, they are both investors and owners. Everyone in the community has some value to the product and some ownership.

DAOs represent not only a new model of coordination but also a new economic model. Through the coordination of DAdOs, the project will be driven to increase the revenue and credit value of everyone, and for the rules of the agreement, all these users within the ecosystem will be bound in different ways, Nomos as the upper-level rules, binding everyone, but also allowing the organization to run in a flat form, and through this bottom-up approach in the development and operation of the entire dApp.

Texas Game: https://lm5fh-ayaaa-aaaah-aafua-cai.raw.ic0.app

Website: https://nnsdao.org

White Paper 1.0: https://github.com/NnsDao/nnsdao-org/blob/main/static/NnsDAO_Boundaryless_Autonomous_Organization.pdf

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